National Heroes’ Day 2022 – Mayor Albee Benitez

National Heroes’ Day 2022
Today, we commemorate our National Heroes, the recognized and unsung individuals, who shed their blood and risked their lives to pave the path towards our liberty.

We take inspiration from their courage and valor in speaking and standing firm with their truths for the future of our Motherland. We seek the same bravery to guide us in overcoming the different trials of today.
The City of Bacolod is one with the country on this occasion that gives light to the historical events that shaped who and what we are today.

However, heroism is not just manifested through bloodshed or war. It is also not isolated to those who wore capes or carried armor. Heroes are all those persons, dead or alive, who offered their utmost service for the betterment of our community.

Thus, we also recognize our medical front-liners who endlessly safeguard our borders against the pandemic and other illnesses, our teachers who spearhead the re-opening of face-to-face classes, our men in uniform whose visibility maintained peace and order, our farmers, laborers, and other professionals and sectors of the society who contribute to the economic cycle through their respective crafts.

May this celebration resonate the same messages of hope and resilience to every Bacolodnon to continue fighting and defending our freedom from any form of threat or oppression just like what our ancestors did before us.
A meaningful National Heroes’ Day to everyone!

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